This tree will be remembered for centuries. This tree will be sought out for its wisdom in times of flux and agitation by hopeful souls with dreams of greatness and questions about the meaning of life.

"Why?", you ask.

Because! This isn't just any tree, yo!

This is a super freaking tall redwood!...and thick too! Thick as fuck! With like....roots that extend deep into the Earth, touching the core itself!

Therefore, this (freaking huge) tree is in touch with the very life force that unites us all! ....It's a big deal!

And! And not only that!...It's a MAGIC TREE! One that is very much ALIVE and can talk ...and has like big bow branches for arms that will fuck you up if you don't come correct or come seeking to harm it, or any of the noble beings that find peace, refuge, and a spark of the divine within its bark!

So come ye all and pay homage to the eighth wonder of the world and be blessed by it. Plant your flowers near its roots, that they may too rise in beauty and splendor the likes of which the world has never seen. But be careful with your hoe! (Clumsy ass gardner >:0) For the ever-Rising Tree has no patience for those that hunt for profit in its soil while hacking its foundation. The tree nourishes as it is nourished...and those who are awakened to its glory and sacrosanctity will rise ever higher with it.

RISE! RISE! RISE NOW! The tree beckons you to rise!... Just as the stars beckon the tree.